CIO Effectiveness Services (CES)

​Increasingly dynamic environments foster rapidly changing expectations for the CIOs role. We help clients learn to assess and then act on these to help CIOs become more effective.

We help clients Assess and Develop the CIOs role using our new CIO effectiveness framework

Developed from leading edge research, our effectiveness framework provides a new, unique way of helping CIOs identify and agree CIO role expectations across multiple dimensions:

Effectiveness framework

Our detailed study of over 200 UK CIOs and their stakeholders has enabled us to develop a new unique, CIO effectiveness framework.

Download our summary paper on CIO effectiveness.

Over twenty years of business management consultancy and leadership coaching has taught us to remain mindful when triggering and facilitating change in highly volatile environments

When applying our effectiveness framework, we therefore take a highly collaborative approach to consultation and role development; we work with:

  • CIOs to assess their own expectations for their current and/ or future roles
  • The CIOs stakeholders to assess their expectations for the CIOs role

Following analysis of expectation alignment, THM maps the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ role for the CIO, helping:

  • CIOs ‘baseline’ their journey towards role development
  • The CIOs stakeholders to revaluate their current and future expectations for the CIOs role

Following role design, THM works with CIOs and/ or their stakeholders to:

  • Plan the most appropriate actions to address opportunities arising from misalignment in role expectations and provide ongoing support as CIOs and their stakeholders continuously manage the dynamically changing role making process for their CIOs
Role development

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