Research & Knowledge Services (RKS)

Combining our practice, research and teaching experiences, we help clients develop continuous learning capabilities.

Executive Learning

Our extensive research into executive education reveals:

  • Growing cynicism about the hype surrounding vendor driven trends
  • Knowledge acquisition is not the same as learning
  • Learning occurs as individuals attempt to apply knowledge as part of their everyday activities, in their working environments

Despite this, vendors and training providers persevere in pushing products and services whilst ignoring the development of learning capabilities

In the case of digital leadership:

  • There are myriad perspectives on key, emerging themes explaining the relevance of digital technologies to organizations; and
  • Executive education has largely been abandoned to consultancies and vendors, with individuals destined to ride the ever changing IT boat down the turbulent river of management information

Compounding this:

  • There is no unifying framework of professional standards for enterprise leadership in digitally maturing environments

Career progression for digital leaders has become a lottery.

Continuous Learning

To address these problems, THM combines our experiences of practice, research and teaching/ training to help clients develop continuous learning capabilities

THM continues to:

  • Practice the delivery and assurance of organizational transformation activities
  • Conducts academically rigorous research that contributes to the development of new knowledge in key IT fields; and
  • Works with clients to exploit these experiences to help develop in-situ learning processes critical for organizations wishing to keep their leadership teams at the leading edge of continuous digital transformations
Continuous learning

Learn more about how we combine practice, research and teacher/ training experiences to offer a truly unique approach to continuous learning.

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Our practice-based research cuts through the hype

Applying academically rigorous methods to data drawn from senior industry leaders and globally recognised academics we reveal leading edge thinking on everything you need to know when planning to exploit digital technologies.

Digital Strategy

Comparisons to previous explanations of business strategy and the implications of this to practitioners.

Digital Maturity

Assessing, and then acting on the current ‘state’ of digital transformations.

Digital Transformation

What it REALLY means and how practitioners can develop a single version of the truth for such initiatives.

Leadership Effectiveness

How leaders can effectively manage continuously changing expectations for their roles in increasingly dynamic, maturing environments.

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